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Something is Killing My Plants ! Help !

I can speak from my own decades of experience that diseases can kill plants really fast. In some cases, diseases can kill a plant scary-fast. I've seen root-rotting fungi or plant-melting bacterial diseases melt big orchids in just 72 hours, in some cases even less. It seems that the disease always hits the plants on a weekend when I am out of town ! I mention this because we are approaching the "warm" weather, as they say here in Miami, which I call "beastly". It is this onset of warm weather, combined with higher night temperatures and higher humidity that will really foster disease development. It is important to recognize symptoms of disease onset and handle the situation NOW, not next week when you have a spare day or two.
Defining which disease is present is crucial to implementing a control program. The visual difference between a bacterial and a fungal pathogen may be subtle, but important; the control measu…
A Cherry Tree in Miami ?

No, not really. The tree in the photo is actually a Pink Shower Tree called  Cassia bakeriana. This is one of the 5 trees of this species growing at Pinecrest Gardens. This particular specimen is easily seen on the east side of the sports field at the Pinecrest Community Center on the west end of the Pinecrest gardens complex.

  One of the hardest things for people to believe is that we planted this tree from a 21 inch pot just 4 years ago. When it was planted, it was about 10 feet tall,, and rather spindly. With the regular watering from the nearby sports field, the tree and its neighbor-twin grew very quickly to its current height of about 25 feet, and it's still growing.      This tree has lush and layered foliage in the warm months, with its jubilant shell-pink flowers every March. If we have a warm winter without severe winds, the tree will flower abundantly, with pleasantly sweet-smelling flowers. This species goes leafless for a few weeks just bef…