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Spring is Gone- Now What ? Springtime in Miami is an unpredictable event, often measured in days, not weeks. Currently, we are enjoying some fabulous weather, and after a particularly warm winter we are observing a record number of plants flowering and setting seed. Wildlife responds to this flush of flowers and growth, and the whole landscape seems to come alive in just a few weeks' time with birds and butterflies feasting on flowers and pollen. 

Unfortunately, we have not had much rain to support this increased growth.  Some plants are also showing signs of iron and magnesium deficiency from this lack of rain, and likely some fertilizer problems, too. We have heard that gardeners should "prepare gardens for winter", but we don't hear much about "preparing gardens for summer". Are there special tactics to employ to prepare subtropical gardens for summer ? Most resoundingly, I say yes !

In the most basic ideology of gardening, if the plant is growing it will…