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The Surreal Pansy Orchids-
Plants for Cooler Climates


Pansy orchids, in the orchid genus Miltoniopsis, are a staple at orchid shows in cooler climates. This means almost anywhere north of Florida. This plant group grows to amazing dimensions in the humid "marine"climates of both coasts, especially so in the Pacific Northwest. Pansy orchids revel in cool foggy climates with mild winters. The flower show these modest plants can produce is hard to imagine, as are the surreal colors and patterns. One breeder in Hawaii is producing plants with almost totally black "masks" on the flowers, often set against vibrant background colors. 


The species which make up this genus are native to mountainous areas, mostly in Colombia and Peru, in cool foggy area with constantly moving air. These points are key to cultivating the genus. The plants like an open and well-drained consistently moist medium, bright light , with moving humid air at all times. This gro…