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Irrigation or Irritation System ?
When do you need just a "sprinkler" and when does the need morph into an "irrigation system" ? Part 1- the irrigation heads. 

At some point in most gardens, you will need a sprinkler device to water an area or to water in newly planted trees or a landscape section. This begins a cycle that I call the Irrigation Ladder. This cycle is much like the Automobile Ladder or Real Estate Ladder or even the Corporate ladder, wherein you start small and work up to increasingly complex levels, along with a greater risk / reward profile. There are hundreds of choices of irrigation heads, and technology improves them every few years. One of the most recent developments has been the stream-rotor head, combining the best of rotor and spray-head technology into one, very efficient and fairly trouble-free device. Suitable for mixed-planting and turf areas including flower beds, this new type of head can be very effective, although rather expensive to …