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Red Amongst the Green

Red is a difficult color to find in a shade garden. There are numerous plants with red flowers, but most of them require abundant sunlight. There are many plants that have red flowers to attract birds and bees as pollinators. In partial shade or even full shade, plants with red foliage or flowers are far less common.

At Pinecrest Gardens, we have a few plants which flower with nice red colors, even in the shade. For heavy shade, plants in the Shrimp Plant Family ( Acanthaceae) rule the forest with flashy flowers and colorful bracts. One of our favorites is the Cardinals Guard plant. It grows best in bright filtered light, but can perform even in very low light. Its crimson flowers are a welcome contrast to waves of green foliage in a forest landscape.

There are numerous species in the Lily Family that can add color to your garden, including the venerable Amaryllis group. Although they grow best in very bright light, they can still flower in shade conditions under …