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The Rose of the Mountain Trees

The Rose of the Mountain TreeBrownea is the genus of a group of trees that I like a lot. The trees have a graceful character to them and they don't grow very large, at least not in South Florida. Of special interest are the flower clusters, which in some species can be a foot across, in a range of colors from light orange to scarlet-red.

The trees are in the Legume family, and are from the New World. They are becoming more available in South Florida, and several species are available at every Tropical Flowering Tree Society sale in Miami, as well as through mail order sources. The species are easier to grow than once thought; our trees at Pinecrest Gardens routinely set seed, and grow in more sunlight than the landscape books tell you. I have not seen any cold damage on the trees here, even at near-frost conditions. I know of several trees 50-70 miles further north and they grow well in a range of climate conditions, although the cultivated sp…