Progress of Talipot Palm Flowering at Pinecrest Gardens

Progress of Talipot Palm Flowering
at Pinecrest Gardens
Talipot Palm at Pinecrest Gardens;
started to flower December 2014

Our venerable Talipot Palm is proceeding nicely with its flowering cycle, setting out hundreds of small branchlets on its 12 foot tall flower stem. The expansion of the secondary and tertiary branches should continue for another month, perhaps longer if our "winter" weather continues in this period of pleasant days and cool-ish nights. We anticipate a good crop of seeds on this impressive palm, and will begin to clear the area underneath the palm in the next few months, to make way for the slow rain of flowers.
As we get into the warmer months, I expect we will have a great congregation of honeybees, attracted to the myriad flowers. For the bees, this flower stem would represent a Mother Lode of food, with a virtually unlimited supply of pollen available as the flowers open up. We expect a lot of seeds, but since each seed is larger than a golf ball, the expectation comes with a degree of caution, since the entire crop of seed could weigh in at 2000 pounds or more !
I will post more updates on our big palm as it moves through its Swan Song of life. 
Craig Morell
Pinecrest Gardens    


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