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Sealing Wax Palms, Species Conservation, and Environmental Change


The Red Sealing Wax Palm, Cyrtostachys renda, is a slender, medium-sized clustering palm with pinnate (feather-shaped) leaves found in tropical peat swamp forests in Southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo. Of unique and striking appearance, the species is widely grown in the world’s tropical regions.
And what an appearance!One of the world’s most beautiful palms, the tree’s graceful, thin, green-ringed trunks support dazzlingly red or orange crownshafts and colorful feathery leaves.Outside of the tropics, it’s considered a “holy grail” plant for gardeners; a palm that is both difficult to find, to accommodate, and to grow in a non-greenhouse setting. If you’ve ever visited a public garden or park in the tropics or a large conservatory in more temperate zones, the species can frequently be found planted en masse or prominently displayed as a specimen. The Sealing Wax Palm is commonly used as a landscape tree in wet tropical climates.
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