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10 plants for your South Florida Summer Garden!

Yes! It's that time of year where we annual and veggie growers stand from our kitchen windows looking out at the dark sky and wonder how much more rain and abuse our gardens can really endure. The fact is that growing in South Florida can be extremely rewarding, AND brutal at the same time.  Our sometimes threatening climate can be stressful for many at home gardeners (flooding? pests? high night-time temperatures?) and unlike much of the rest of the continental U.S., the summer for us is not peak season for annuals.  The summer garden requires flexibility, and a grow-with-the-season attitude.

We're transitioning our own gardens at the moment, and over the summer I emphasize soil health, and garden versatility. At home, you have some leniency of what your gardens can look like, but in a public setting, we strive to make sure our gardens are functional, maintainable, and still attractive.

Here are a few summertime champions that I like to incorporate into my transitioning space…

Celebrating National Public Gardens Week- Why Public Gardens Matter

This week, we're celebrating National Public Gardens Week. Once per year, we recount and appreciate all of the aspects of public gardens that we love. While I, along with my coworkers are lucky enough to live this every day,  this year I thought it appropriate to take a deeper look at why we celebrate, and the history of Public Gardens.

The roots of Public Gardens are not near to us, rather they began in 16th century Italy.  Traced way back to the renaissance professors of botany and the faculty of medicine, by which plants were studied and used. The earliest public gardens were none other than medicinal gardens. Plants were a way of life, a token of health and a necessity.

Entry path to lower garden through Hardwood Hammock- Pinecrest Gardens
 While our society has changed greatly, and it's true most people don't look to plants for their medicinal properties with the advancement of modern medicine, plants are still celebrated. The purpose of botanical gardens changed from…

A Partnership: Growing Vertical part 2

In the second part of this posting, we will discus our vertical planters, and their benefits.

This Vertical Garden partnership was perfect for us for a few reasons.
First, we had run out of space in the beds and planter boxes, and we wanted to grow more! Secondly, we understood that the space along the fence is easily accessed, and wasn't currently being utilized. Thirdly, living walls are a perfect way to showcase how to grow even in a limited space, like on a balcony or patio. With planting upwards instead of outwards, you'll be able to take advantage of space for growing herbs, flowers, edibles or whatever you fancy!

Vertical gardens in background of photo with tactile panels

 Katie (see part 1 of growing vertical) purchased our garden panels with money that she raised from selling Girl Scout cookies and through donations she received by tabling at our Farmers Market. In addition to purchasing the panels themselves, Katie bought the equipment necessary for installation and…