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Marigolds: A rekindled love affair, and why you need them in your home garden!

To me, Marigolds are one of those commonly planted, intro to gardening, not grown for the bouquet flowers. Every inch of my garden space is precious, so I don't dare let the marigold commoner occupy what could be used for something of higher value.  By value I mean....something I can eat. This season however, in a pinch I tossed some Marigold seeds into a raised bed, and was surprised by the prolific journey we had together. Now, I'm officially changing my opinion on these old classics, and digging up some dirt on their history to back it up

I love learning the history of plants, especially plants I'm currently growing.  Plants are, after all, what powered people. They were used for food, shelter, for barter and purchasing, cured ailments, celebrate life and death.  They are the sustaining connection between people and the land. And so, the Marigold is no exception, even with it's tangled origin story.

The Aztec people were the first known to grow Marigolds, with the rec…

How Pinecrest Gardens is Listening, Learning and Teaching Equality and Inclusion though Performing Arts

Pinecrest Gardens takes pride in being an organization centered on diversity and inclusion.

Our programs, performances and history shine a light on people of all races and abilities. Each day we strive be forward thinking reflect our community appropriately through our arts and programs. But we know, we can always do better. 

Given the current state of the country,it’s time to take an internal reflection and really delve into us.  Us as an organization, us as a community and us as example setters. 

Pinecrest Gardens isn't just a garden maintained by the city. Look deeper and you'll see that we are a cultural organization operating under a municipality.  As a department of local government, and a cultural arts garden, we have an opportunity to be leaders.  Being a leader in our community means bringing culture, programs, events for ALL, including those who are marginilized, and standing up for those who's voices need to be heard. 
Women, POC and the arts: It's no surprise th…