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How to tour Pinecrest Gardens like a pro: visit us in person or virtually!

Discover the hidden treasures of the On-Cell Tour at Pinecrest GardensDid you know we have a tour app?!
Surprise, we do! The app, called the On-Cell tour began as an audio tour to use as you stroll through The Garden. The stops highlight points of interest, including those of historical, cultural and ecological significance.  Since it's inception, the On-Cell Audio Tour has gone through a few makeovers and has come a long way.
In the past year, the On-Cell tour was re-written, re-recorded and completely re-done!
Even more excitingly, the most recent makeover was an effort to make the tour more accessible to people during Covid-19. We wanted to provide a way for people to enjoy The Gardens from the safety of their own homes. Now, the tour is accessible anywhere, anytime and includes some new features! (Check out the video below to see how easy it is to access from your phone)

Map of The Garden with OnCell tour stops listed below- pick up a map at the ticket booth!
No longer just audio, t…

At Home Activity: Fairy Gardens!

Over quarantine, many of us have had extra time on our hands. We've taken up the art of sour dough bread making, planted our own vegetable gardens, learned our neighborhoods on countless walks and spent hours working on adult coloring books. Or maybe that was just me....?

If you didn't go down a rabbit hole like I did, and you're looking for something to pass the time creatively, consider making your own fairy garden!  With the help of my ridiculously talented coworker Pilar, together we've been constructing miniature gardens and accessories out of nature scraps as a new display for the Learning Garden. I've made fairy gardens in the past, and I have always loved to include them in public spaces, because they are a fun way to engage people in the garden. It had been been years since I've made one, so this was a super fun reminder for me!
To build our Fairy Gardens, Pilar and I set out to find some workable sticks, branches and stones, and we got to work.  While…