How to tour Pinecrest Gardens like a pro: visit us in person or virtually!

Discover the hidden treasures of the On-Cell Tour at Pinecrest Gardens

Did you know we have a tour app?!

Surprise, we do! The app, called the On-Cell tour began as an audio tour to use as you stroll through The Garden. The stops highlight points of interest, including those of historical, cultural and ecological significance.  Since it's inception, the On-Cell Audio Tour has gone through a few makeovers and has come a long way.

In the past year, the On-Cell tour was re-written, re-recorded and completely re-done!

Even more excitingly, the most recent makeover was an effort to make the tour more accessible to people during Covid-19. We wanted to provide a way for people to enjoy The Gardens from the safety of their own homes. Now, the tour is accessible anywhere, anytime and includes some new features!
(Check out the video below to see how easy it is to access from your phone)

Map of The Garden with OnCell tour stops listed below- pick up a map at the ticket booth!

No longer just audio, the On-Cell tour's latest makeover includes photos and additional information to accompany each stop, so that you can learn about and experience Pinecrest Gardens without actually being here.  The new photos on the app give a view of what you may see as you are standing in front of the stop, making it convenient for people who are both walking the Garden or using the tour remotely.

While I still believe the best way to experience the tour is to actually be in The Garden, the new additions to the tour will give you a sense of being here. If you do take the tour in person at The Garden, the easiest way to access the tour is to snag a map from the ticket booth as you enter.  The map shows all of the stops of the tour, and gives instructions on how to use the tour app.

As you walk through The Garden, keep an eye out for these lime green signs marking points of the tour

The On-Cell tour is graciously sponsored by First Bank, and includes 32 stops throughout The Garden.  The walking tour could take between 1-2 hours of exploring depending on your pace, and is offered in both English and Spanish.  Each stop tells of history, ecology or notable features unique to Pinecrest Gardens. It's an excellent, leisurely way to learn something new about our incredible property. If you're short on time, you can also take a shortened version of the tour by skipping through the stops and finding those that interest you most. Oh, and the best part about the tour? Its free to use!

Here's how you can access the tour:

- Through your phone or computer web browser at:  
- Dial 305.909.0007 on your phone and listen to the prompts
- Pick up a map at the ticket booth and follow the instructions
- Visit the 'visit us' page of our website hereHere

Watch this short video to see how easy it is access the tour app on your phone! 

When writing the tour, I dug a little deeper into the background and features of our property, and then had to sift through our lush history to decide what makes a 'notable' stop.  While there are many plants, historical and cultural icons of the garden that are not mentioned on the tour, this a great place to begin discovering Pinecrest Gardens. To book an in-person tour for a more in-depth experience of the garden, you can always email me at 

Happy touring!